Outback Tough Whip
  • Outback Tough Whip

    Nathan’s Outback Tough Whips are all hand made by Nathan himself, he guarantees his Out Back Tough whips will impress any whip cracker from advanced to the beginner cracker. These whip are also extremely hard wearing and are great for around the farm or just for fun. They are a light weight whip that are also excellent for learning tricks. There’s not much maintenance needed with these, just replace the cracker every now and then and your good to go. These Outback Tough Whips are made from PVC Ripstop that can be used in rain, hail or shine. 


    All of the materials used to make these whips are from Australian based companies and everything is made here in Australia. 




      Whips are measured by the plaited part only, called the thong. Once you include a fall and a handle it adds about 3 foot to the overall length.

      General cracking whip lengths

      Little kids    -   4 foot whip

      Bigger kids - Adults   -   5 foot whip

      Anyone wanting a long whip -  6 foot whip

      Whips may vary slightly in size, falls may not be the same colour as in the photos, falls could be either black, red, blue or green depending on what we have in stock. Check out shipping and returns page for details.

      If you are wanting pairs, please just order two of the same size, they are near identical. 

      The 4 foot and 5 foot Out Back Tough whips have a 16 inch Australian hardwood handle, the 6 foot OBT whip has a 18 inch Australian hardwood handle.